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ECMAScript is a scripting language that is standardized by ECMA International. It is basically a language specification. Several languages follow as well as implement an ECMAScript specification such as ActionScript, JavaScript, and Natron. If you need a perfect ECMAScript assignment help, you can contact the academic experts of BookMyEssay. Our team of coursework experts is skilled and competent and they have many years of experience and therefore they can provide you a proper explanation and in-depth analysis of the various topics.

What is ECMAScript?

ECMAScript or ES is a standardized scripting language by ECMAScript International. ES is used by many applications for enabling client-side scripting. The languages such as Jscript, JavaScript, and ActionScript are also governed by it.

This specification is influenced by several programming languages including Python, Perl, Self, Java, etc. It provides the details, rules, and regulations, which a scripting language should follow to be considered as an ECMAScript compliant.

 Standard specifications are released by ECMA International from time to time. The present edition is ECMA-262 5.1 Edition. Presently, many browsers provide complete support to the JavaScript ECMAScript edition 5.1. We research the topic very well before writing the assignment and thus we can guarantee you well-written ECMAScript homework assignment help online.

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Features of ECMAScript

The features are discussed in our online help with assignment on ECMAScript as follows:

  • Promises: Promises represent an object, which shall be present in the future. They are used in JavaScript asynchronous programming and are available in several third-party libraries such as Angular, JQuery. ECMAScript offers promises natively.
  • Classes: Users who are used to programming in Java, C#, or other languages, classes are the foundational building blocks. For representing similar structures in JavaScript, we have to depend on pattern implementation for implementing classes like functionality. It offers classes for use without implementing a separate pattern.
  • Arrow functions: Arrow functions are a familiar concept in server programming. These functions are shorthand in JavaScript and used in functions. C# developers recognize the syntax.
  • Template Strings: The C# developers can recognize this approach quickly to construct strings.
  • Modules: Modules can change radically the number of JavaScript applications that are standardized and structured. The modules offer a way of loading and managing dependencies through the new export and import keywords. Modularity is a vital concept for big applications and therefore it makes sense for including it as a core language.

Advantages of ECMAScript

The advantages are highlighted in our ECMAScript assignment help online as follows:

Web browsers may not receive the complete feature support, however, it does not indicate you cannot use the new features of ECMAScript. Developers can benefit from the new features without waiting for a web browser to introduce new technology.

JavaScript is an efficient and fast programming language that can be used for various purposes. As ECMAScript can be rewritten, it benefits from the performance optimization of JavaScript.

JavaScript has thousands of packages and it is adopted widespread. To ensure that JavaScript packages work in the ES, this language is made 100% backward. It means when you write ECMAScript, you can begin with a regular JavaScript that you know. You can then embrace the new features and adopt ECMAScript to make your life easy.

It supports class syntax. It takes the conventional style to define classes and maps and inheritance to its corresponding prototype chain. Though the change is small, yet it can make a code smoother than other languages.

CoffeeScript programming language covered plenty of problems that JavaScript had. It looks quite similar to Ruby but it works with JavaScript. CoffeeScript developers needed to have knowledge of JavaScript. ECMAScript fixes all these problems. You can learn it easily incrementally and adopt its features slowly.

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