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Eastern Europe happens to be the eastern province of the European continent and Eastern Europe after 1945 has continued to remain a vital period for world history. During this period, a lot of development, as well as various events, happened and so, students who are learning about history are always needed to learn about it in detail. But, preparing an assignment on history topic is a wholly new thing and so, it turns complicated to many out there. For serving students in the best possible manner, the writers of BookMyEssay remain always prepared and provide Eastern Europe after 1945 assignment help.

The Changes that Took Place After World War II

Numerous things altered when World War II got over. The much of Eastern Asia and Europe had been demolished through the bombings and fighting that took place over several years. Again, many borders of the country too required to be set. Again, governments too re-established where Japan or Germany had taken over. Eastern Europe after 1945 homework writing services that we provide to our students always fetches impressive grades to them.

The Situation of Europe

During World War II, Germany had occupied a huge portion of Europe and many of the nations that were in the West had returned to the same borders and governments they had earlier to the war. Nonetheless, Germany was split up into Western and Eastern Germany. The Western part was controlled by the Allies whereas the USSR or Russia controlled the Eastern part.

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In fact, the USSR had taken control of many other nations in Eastern Europe and here, they had a fight with the Germans. They comprise Romania, Poland, Hungary, Albania, and Czechoslovakia. At that time, Europe had been requiring financial aid because all the bridges, roads, and buildings had got devastated in the fighting. The US proposed Aid as a Marshall Plan for helping in the recovery process of Europe.

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The Effect on the Europeans

During the 2nd half of the 20th Century, the lives of countless Europeans changed beyond recognition. In 1950, numerous residents of this continent used to heat their homes with coal besides cooling their food with the help of ice. They also suffered from a shortage of rudimentary types of indoor plumbing. Nowadays, their lives have become eased plus enriched by electric refrigerators, natural-gas furnaces, and a huge range of electronic gadgets that boggle people’s minds.

The gross domestic product/capita that the income of a common European will purchase tripled towards the 2nd half of the 20th century. The good thing is their lives augmented more compared to what had been recommended by this modest measure. Long hours of work got reduced by 1/3rd thus, proposed a massive augmentation in leisure time. The life expectancies too lengthened due to enhanced nutrition and progressions that were made in medical science.

For being sure, it can be said that not everything happened to be light and sweet because unemployment rose and tax burdens too soared. Political repression, environmental degradation, and confinements on consumer dominion were universal under the strict regimes which conquered Eastern Europe for 4 decades post World War II.

Through an objective standard, the last century has left Europeans massively better than their grandparents’ lives 50 years ago. However, not every part of this continent shared equally as Southern Europe grew more rapid compared to Northern Europe. Again, Eastern Europe was laid behind Western Europe. Development was slower post 1973 compared to before and this slowdown was very prominent in Eastern Europe. There, it resulted in a shortage of central planning which brought down the command economy besides the authoritarian political superstructure.

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