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The dividend is the amount that is distributed by corporations to their shareholders out of the profits made during the year. The dividend yield is a financial ratio, which measures the cash dividends that are paid to shareholders according to the market value per share. Dividend per share is divided by market price per share and then multiplied by 100. The dividend is a vital topic for students pursuing Finance. To develop an in-depth understanding of the topic many finance students search for Dividends and Rate of Yield assignment help from BookMyEssay. We have competent and skilled finance assignment experts that can offer you perfect online homework help on dividends and rate of yield topic.

What are Dividends and Rate of Yield?

Corporations distribute a part of their profits as dividends and retain the remaining portion for reinvestment in the business. The shareholders are paid Dividends. Rate of Yield measures the earning made by total dividends, which investors make through investments in the company.

The formula to compute Dividend Yield is

Cash dividend per share/Marker price per share * 100.

The companies that have high dividend yield do not retain a sustained part of their profits as retained earnings. The stocks are called income stocks. If the dividend is not increased or reduced, the yield shall rise if the stock price falls and when the stock price rises, the yield shall fall

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Importance of Dividends and a Dividend Yield

Dividends are cash distributions, which many companies pay regularly from their earnings to the shareholders and they sent out a powerful and clear message regarding the future performance and prospects of a company

Generally, profitable and mature companies pay dividends. The companies that do not pay dividends should not be necessary without profits. If an organization thinks it has better growth opportunities than its investment opportunities, it keeps the profit for reinvesting into businesses. This is the reason why a few growth companies distribute dividends

The dividend yield is the ratio between the stock price of a company and the annual dividend. If a dividend changes infrequently, its ratio will increase if the stock price falls and vice versa. The dividend yield is vital for investors as they like to be paid a portion of the profit if a company is performing well. Dividends are important regarding total return on investments

The ability of an organization to pay divided consistently is an indicator that the company is making money and it will continue to make money. However, with an increasing rate of interest, stocks with good dividends can lose their value significantly. A company that pays dividends might not have cash left for expansion and acquisition. These aspects are explained clearly in our Dividends and Rate of Yield assignment help free from plag.

Why Do Some Companies Do Not Pay a Dividend?

You can hear investors saying that growth and new companies do not pay a dividend while mature, older, and stable companies pay a dividend. Similarly, new and rapidly growing companies need the money that they can get for funding their expansion. This is the reason these companies do not pay dividend yield. Investors are happy to take benefit of the increasing stock prices. The companies that do not see quick price appreciation, pay a dividend yield for attracting investors.

Dividends are Good Disciplinarian

Dividends bring discipline to the investment making decision of the management. If too many profits are held then this might result in sloppy management, huge executive compensation and unproductive way of using assets. As stated by our Dividends and Rate of Yield assignment providers, the companies that pay dividends use their capital more efficiently compared to companies, which do not pay Dividends.

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