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Preparing a dissertation proposal is one of the most crucial parts of the dissertation preparation process. This is because the students are permitted to carry on with the dissertation writing part only after the proposal gets approved.

Dissertation proposal is a formal document comprising of a student’s research in support of the qualification related to the academic degree. It summarizes and introduces the goals and methods of investigation related to a research by a student.

Writing a proposal is, indeed, a complicated task. And experts from BookMyEssay can simplify the process by offering dissertation proposal writing help.

Difficulties in Writing Dissertation Proposal

While writing dissertation, the common issues a student faces include lack of research material and improper structuring. If we specifically talk about dissertation proposal, then also there are numerous difficulties. Choosing the right topic is one of the biggest challenges. Students have to meet their advisors and professors for this purpose. They also have to go through earlier dissertations to get an idea. But, still, a lot of students stay confused on the same. More often than not, time management becomes a big challenge. In this case, the students have to write the proposal in hurry, which results in poor quality. Improper structure of dissertation proposal is another common issue. To help the students handle these issues, BookMyEssay offers dissertation proposal writing help.

Structure of a Dissertation Proposal

Every subject has its unique structure for dissertation proposal that a student needs to follow. But, every proposal has common sections, which include:

  1. Title Page: It consists of author’s personal information.
  2. Introduction: The readers come to know about the central research question, along with the background.
  3. Dissertation methodology: The student describes the methodology he/she will use in the research. The type of data (qualitative and quantitative) to be used in the research is also discussed here.
  4. Aims & Objectives: The dissertation proposal must have objectives and aims related to the research. How the student plans to achieve these aims & objectives are also discussed in this section.
  5. Literature Review: It consists of materials and books you have utilized during the research. You can also showcase how the current research is associated with previous academic studies.
  6. Constraints of the research: It is the last section in which constraints related to the research are mentioned.

Our writers, who offer dissertation proposal writing help, are well-versed in all these sections. You can discuss your specific requirements related to the structure, and we will create the proposal accordingly. You can also get our advice on proposal structure for a particular subject.

Why is Writing A Perfect Proposal Necessary?

Half of your marks related to your degree at a PhD level rely on your dissertation. The professors ask the students to submit well-crafted proposal, with all the necessary information related to the dissertation. You can consider it an entry pass to begin the dissertation writing process. If the professor likes your ideas and methodologies from the proposal, he/she will let you proceed with the dissertation. Otherwise, the professor will ask you to come up with fresh ideas or a properly structured proposal. This is the reason students need to give equal importance to the proposal writing process. And professional help comes as a savior that minimizes the chances of rejection.

Major Functions of the Dissertation Proposal

Basically, there are three major functions of a dissertation proposal, which include:

  1. Communication: You are able to communicate your ideas related to the research through the proposal. The concerned groups include those who offer consultation, those who give consent, and those who will provide funds for the research purpose. Dissertation committee gives its approval to the research project after analyzing the quality of the proposal.
  2. Plan: The proposal showcases the future plans of the researcher that he/she will be implementing. The proposal should be written in such a manner that it explicitly explains the plan with thorough details.
  3. Contract: After receiving the final confirmation from the committee, you are supposed to sign a contract with the sponsoring committee. All the clauses related to research are present in the contract. There is a scope of minor changes in the contract. Both the faculty members of the sponsoring committee and the students are not allowed to make fundamental changes in the contract on their own. Amendments can only be made if both parties are on the same page.

While offering dissertation proposal writing help, BookMyEssay makes sure all these functions of the proposal are fulfilled.

How does BookMyEssay Offer Its Services

With more than 3000 expert writers, BookMyEssay offers dissertation proposal writing help to students from different areas of the world. We have a dedicated writer for every subject and topic. Every dissertation proposal writer possesses qualification of up to M.Phil. or PhD. These writers also possess years of expertise in preparing dissertation and dissertation proposals.

Before beginning the writing process, the experts fully understand the needs of the students and the regulations of the respective institution. The final result matches precisely with the brief provided by the student. The document is properly structured and fully referenced.

We also take special care of the quality. Every dissertation proposal goes through a thorough proofreading process. In this process, the grammatical errors, punctuation errors, structure errors, and data-related errors are rectified. It is followed by plagiarism checking process. In this process, an online software is used to make sure that the final proposal is 100 percent original. In an event of minor plagiarism, the necessary modifications are made.

After receiving the final dissertation proposal, if you find that it does not match your requirements, you can contact us for the same. We will modify the document according to your brief without charging anything extra. You can ask us for unlimited modifications free of cost.

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