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Diffusion is a method where the molecules merge due to the kinetic energy of motion. It happens in gases and liquids as their molecules move in a random manner. The molecules move from a higher concentration region to a lower concentration region until the time the concentration becomes equal in the medium. Diffusion is an important topic in Biology and students are given assignments to write on Biology topic. However, students who want improvement in their grades look for quality Diffusion assignment help from BookMyEssay.

What is Diffusion?

Diffusion is the movement of particles or molecules from a higher concentration area to a lower concentration area until equilibrium is reached. Diffusion takes place because the diffusing particles exist in a greater concentration at one place and in another place at a lower concentration. When a substance move for some other reason including force or pressure, it is not diffusion.

Diffusion is a physical and natural process that happens on its own minus shaking, stirring, and wafting the solutions. In liquids and gases, particles move in a random manner from one area to another and during the movement, the particles collide with the container or with one another. This way there happens a change in the direction of molecules. We have employed Biology experts who can offer you the best Diffusion case study help.

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Factors Affecting Diffusion

The factors that affect diffusion include the following:

  • Size of a particle
  • Temperature
  • The steepness of a concentration gradient
  • Size of a particle

Kinds of Diffusion

Diffusion is mainly of two kinds: Simple diffusion and facilitated diffusion. There are other kinds of diffusion that are relevant in other science disciplines including Knudsen diffusion, atomic diffusion, kinesis, etc. We, at BookMyEssay offer the finest Diffusion essay homework help.

  • Simple diffusion: In this process, a substance moves through the semipermeable membrane without the help of transport proteins.
  • Facilitated diffusion: It is a passive movement of substances through a cell membrane from a higher concentration region to a lower concentration region through a carrier molecule.

Importance of Diffusion

Diffusion is a vital process that is involved in various life processes. It is the movement of ions, particles, solution, molecules, etc. In the living species, diffusion is crucial for the movement of molecules at the time of the metabolic process. The importance of diffusion is discussed in our Diffusion assignment help as follows:

  • During the respiration process, the carbon dioxide gas is diffused into the blood through the cell membrane.
  • It happens in plant cells. In green plants, diffusion happens when the water in the soil moves into plants via the root hair cells.
  • When ions move across neurons generating electrical charge, it is diffusion.

Diffusion in Daily Life

Diffusion is a universal phenomenon and it happens in our daily lives. Some of the examples are highlighted in our Diffusion research paper writing help as follows:

  • Balloons: Helium balloons lose their lift slowly because the helium diffuses from helium present in the balloon to a helium-poor environment.
  • Food coloring: If a drop of food color is put in a glass of water, the color of water changes due to diffusion.
  • Perfume: When perfume is used in one part, it gradually spread to other places through diffusion.
  • Soda: Sodas become flat due to diffusion. As air has a lower concentration than the carbon dioxide contained in the drink, therefore the carbon dioxide molecules move from the beverage and spread into the air.
  • Tea: When loose tea leaves are stirred into hot water (teabag involves osmosis because the water flows in the teabag), it causes the chemicals, which make tea diffuse in the water thus producing the beverage.

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