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The terms differential costing and incremental costing are used interchangeably. There is a thin line of difference between the two concepts. The term differential costing is used for new projects or new activities. Under differential costing, the differences in revenues and costs are considered while ranking the alternatives. Costing students are frequently given assignments on this subject matter. To gain an in-depth understanding of the topic, we have employed cost accountants who can provide you with excellent Differential Costing and Incremental Costing assignment help.

What is Differential Costing and Incremental Costing?

Differential Costing is also referred to as incremental costing. It is the additional cost that shall occur if one alternative is selected in place of another. Two different options are compared regarding total costs and the difference between the total costs is known as incremental costing. The difference in revenue of the two options is incremental revenue.

Differential Costing is performed for taking vital decisions including ‘make or buy’, adding a product, change in the activity level, export orders, change in a product mix, etc. In incremental/differential costing, the relevant costs are considered. Fixed costs or costs incurred in the past are not considered. The variable future costs are considered. It is used for taking management decision and this has no relevance to book-keeping or accounting.

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Features of Differential Costing and Incremental Costing

The essential features are discussed in our Differential Costing and Incremental Costing homework help online as follows:

  • The data used in differential costing are revenue, cost, and investment used in decision-making problems.
  • This cost has no place in accounting records. The costs can be decided from routine accounting records.
  • The total cost is considered and not cost/unit.
  • Differential cost analysis decides the future action course. It deals with future costs though standard and historical costs can be used.
  • It studies the difference in cost and it studies these differences. The cost elements that remain identical or the same are not considered.
  • The alternative that depicts the greatest difference between incremental revenue and increment cost is considered the best choice.

Managerial Applications of Differential Costing

Differential costing is very helpful to the management to formulate policies and make decisions including the following:

  • Determining the most profitable price and level of production
  • To change the product mix
  • Introducing new products
  • To change the production method
  • To accept an offer at a reduced selling price
  • Make or buy decisions
  • Discontinuance of product for increasing profits and avoiding the losses
  • Shut-down decisions
  • Deciding an appropriate price to buy raw materials
  • Equipment replacement decisions.

Treatment of Differential Cost

The differential cost can be variable cost, fixed cost, or a combination of both costs. Companies use differential cost to choose between two alternatives for making decisions that can impact the company positively. No accounting entry is needed as it is not a real transaction. There are not accounting standards, which guide the way these costs are treated.

Incremental Revenue Versus Incremental Cost

Incremental costs or marginal costs can decide the profit maximization of an organization. It happens when marginal costs are equal to marginal revenue. When a business earns more marginal revenue or incremental revenue per unit compared to the incremental cost to buy or manufacture that product, a company earns a profit.

On the other hand, if incremental costs are more than incremental revenue per unit, a company makes a loss. Thus, knowing the incremental cost of an additional unit of production and then comparing it to selling price can help to meet profit. This is explained in detail in our online help with assignment on Differential Costing and Incremental Costing.

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