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Descriptive Statistics are descriptive coefficients, which summarizes the given data set that can represent a sample or an entire population. It offers a helpful summary of the security returns while performing analytical and empirical analysis because it gives a historical account of a return behavior. They are used widely in finance, management process, and strategy where data is collected dependent on observations, situations, and opinions. At BookMyEssay, we have hired a pool of talented Statistics tutors who can meet your needs when you get Descriptive statistics assignment help.

What is Descriptive Statistics?

Descriptive Statistics are statistical techniques of a data set, which may represent a mere sample or a population. This statistical area can be divided into measures of variability as well as a central tendency. It is a quantitative analysis that is a major step to know a data set. Our statistics tutors can provide you with premium Descriptive Statistics case study help.

Descriptive Statistics are differentiated from inferential statistics. In descriptive statistics, you describe what is data and what it shows, but with inferential statistics, you reach conclusions, which are beyond immediate data. They are used for presenting quantitative descriptions. It helps to simplify a huge amount of data sensibly. Every descriptive statistics minimizes data in a simpler summary.

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Kinds of Derivatives Statistics

The derivatives Statistics are of two kinds that are discussed in our Descriptive Statistics assignment help online as follows:

  • Central Tendency: These are methods to describe the central frequency of frequency distribution for data. The key aspects are mean, median, and mode. It uses many points for finding out the distribution. It is used in situations where you have to show the average.
  • Measure of Spread: The measure of Spread is the variability within a data. It includes key aspects such as range, variance, and standard deviation. The range will be low and high points. Standard Deviation is measuring the average distance between the mean and each quantity. A low standard deviation shows the data points should be close to the mean and a high standard deviation shows that data points are spread on a wide range of values.

In descriptive statistics, a group of data can be summarized using a graphical description, tabulated description, and statistical commentary. If you wonder, "who can write my essay on Descriptive statistics related topics.?"

Uses of Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive Statistics is used to describe the basic features of data in a statistical study. They provide a summary of sample data and its measures. Together with graphical analysis, it is the basis for all quantitative data analysis.

Descriptive Statistics are descriptive and summarized coefficients of a data set that can be a representation of a sample or the entire population. They are broken into the measures of variation and the measures of central tendency. Measures of variability comprise of standard variation as well as variances kurtosis and skewness, whereas measures of central tendency are the mean, mode, and median.

Applications of Descriptive Statistics

There are multiple applications of Descriptive Statistics. It is used to present quantitative statistical descriptions in manageable forms. While doing a research study, many measures are involved in the research. You can measure a huge number of people on any attribute.

Descriptive Statistics enable you to represent a huge amount of data meaningfully. For example, in sports, the average of batsmen gives an indication of their gameplay. The batting average is computed from the performances of players. A single number can describe other discrete events. Similarly, the GPA of a student describes his performance across his curriculum.

According to our Descriptive Statistics homework writers, it offers analysts an intensive summary that makes comparisons easy between different observations and data sets.

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