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The surmount importance of creative thinking has gone up as creative mindset and creative outlook to handle situations is very important. Hence the growing need for creative thinking amongst students. Creative thinking involves freedom of thoughts, empowered approach, out of box perspective backed up by logic and direction. Students at colleges and universities look out for creative thinking assignment help as creative side of mind is not something everyone is able to get so easily or naturally. BookMyEssay provides their support right from idea thinking and brainstorming till final paper submission. They work on creative chain of thoughts and create meaningful information as part of coursework’s and creative thinking homework writing help.

What is Creative Thinking All about?

As the name suggests, creative thinking is all about being free and original in the thoughts and creating something different, unique, adding value and having a logical approach. Some professions really need you to be creative while others take creativity as an added advantage. It is said that it takes another set of eyes to look at same thing creatively. Having a creative bone in your body is the click towards these things and makes you be a creative writer, artist, poet etc. Of course the approach to think and move forward is very different, creative and unique. It needs one to be having free flow of thoughts, be relaxed, open to thoughtful experimentation etc. Hence this might come along with some amounts of risk. It's involves having a creative approach towards solving a problem or looking at situations etc. Creativity involves risk, change, bigger perspective, out of box thinking and a radical approach.

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Stages of Creative thinking

There are four stages or phases of creative thinking such as preparation, incubation, illumination and verification.

  • Preparation which is all about initial steps of formulating the problem or the issue. It involves the collection of the facts, information for finding solution to a particular situation at hand.
  • Incubation is the next stage which is about all the unconscious effort. So in this there is an unconscious thought process running to find solution to the problem
  • Illumination which is the next phase and as the name suggests it's all about the sudden flash and illumination of the idea. It's also known as the Eureka moment. That moment when it just strikes your head and there is a flash of the idea in your mind.
  • Then comes verification which is about finding the reasonability and evaluation of the valid of the solution. It is about checking how well that idea practically and actually fits in to the given situation.

Techniques of Creative Thinking

Although there is no limit or fix no of ways to creative thinking but below are some of the techniques and starting points to do it

  • Brainstorm and put ideas on paper, just scribble thoughts don't edit but put everything down on paper.
  • Give yourself the time and liberty to explore, play with a particular idea. Try and try more on how you can adopt that idea or put it to good use.
  • Look for different answer or perspective by asking same thing and question for 10 more times.
  • Try different combination approaches say combine different ideas, concepts, thoughts and see if you get a better solution
  • Give yourself a different touch or stimuli say bring change in your routine may be listen to different kind of music etc which might create a different vibration in your mind and give you another better idea.
  • Go around "what if " like situations and new perspectives to be given a thought
  • Push the ideas to their end limit say try to see if it can be worked out by some twists or tweaks.

Although the list is limitless as there is no limit to creative thinking. Seeking a professional custom assignment writing service gives you guidance on how to go about it and helps you develop through situations. BookMyEssay provides their support through their experienced team to students required to do my assignment on creative thinking topic.

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