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CORBA or the Common Object Request Broker Architecture is a standard developed by OMG or Object Management Group to offer interoperability between the distributed objects. It is the leading middleware solution of the world thus allowing information exchange, and independent of programming languages, hardware platforms, and operating systems. If you need a well-researched CORBA assignment help, you can avail of writing service from the experts of BookMyEssay.

What is CORBA?

The Common Request Broker Architecture or CORBA is developed by OMG or Object Management Group. CORBA states the messaging mechanism through which objects that are distributed on a network may communicate with one another regardless of the language and platform that are used for developing the objects.

It allows different pieces of software that are written in various languages and that run on various computers to work with one another like a set of services or a single application. It is a mechanism to normalize the semantics between the application objects that reside in the same address or application or the remote address. We have employed competent and skilled academic experts who can provide you with a reliable and trustworthy CORBA case study assignment writing solution.

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Benefits of CORBA

The benefits of CORBA are discussed in our CORBA assignment help as follows:

Maturity: The first version of CORBA was limited in scope. The newer versions have added new functionalities instead of modifying the existing functionality. Nowadays, CORBA is feature-rich, supports several operating systems, programming languages, and diverse capabilities including security, transactions, trading and naming services, publishing and messaging services, which are necessary for enterprise-level applications.

Open-standard: It is an open standard instead of a proprietary technology. It is very important for several reasons. Users can select an implementation from various CORBA vendors. Switching from one product to another involves much less time. The competition between the various CORBA vendors keeps its price down. We have been providing students with top-quality CORBA essay homework help that are completely error-free.

Wide platform support: The implementations of CORBA are available for various computers such as Fujitsu GlobalServer mainframes, IBM OS/390, and various UNIX variants such as AS/400, Windows, Apple’s OS X, Open VMS, and other embedded operating systems. Other middleware technologies are available too.

Multiple language support: It has language mappings for various programming languages including C, Java, C++, Ada, Smalltalk PL/I, COBOL, IDLScript, and Python. Small organizations may use one programming language for their projects, however, an organization when grows in size use several programming languages. For all these reasons, a middleware system should support multiple programming languages and this ably provided by CORBA.

Efficiency: It ensures that messages between servers and clients are transferred in compact representations. Many CORBA implements marshal data. A CORBA IDL generates marshaling as well as an unmarshaling code to allows developers not to write and maintain aloe-level code.

Scalability: The server-side flexible infrastructure of CORBA allows developing servers, which can scale from handling smaller objects to handling unlimited objects. The scalability of CORBA differs from one another, however, time and again, real projects have shown that the CORBA server may scale for handling huge amounts of data along with high communication loads from various client applications. Many CORBA vendors know customers might have tried some other middleware technology, but found success with CORBA.

Features of CORBA

The features of CORBA are highlighted in our CORBA assignment help online as follows:

  • IDL or Interface Definition Language
  • Language mapping

C, Smalltalk, C++, Ada, COBOL, Java, Perl, Python, Objective-C, Eiffel

  • Inter-ORB Protocol
  • Object adapters
  • Dispatch facilities and operation invocation
  • static
  • dynamic

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