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Complex numbers are numbers, which are written in a+bia+bi, in which bb and aa are real numbers. ii is an imaginary unit that is defined as i^2 = -1i2=−1.  Students pursuing Mathematics are often given assignments on Complex numbers. This being a complicated topic, many students look for Complex Numbers assignment help from BookMyEssay. Our online tutors are always available to offer you instant assistance. You can connect with our live tutors and get your queries answered and resolved.

What are Complex Numbers?

When you think of complex numbers, you think to perform algebra with the i term. It seems easily forgettable and a bit arbitrary. However, in actual it may be visualized and is tangible.

Complex numbers are the combination of an imaginary and real number that is shown as a + bi. When you use the complex plane, you can plot complex numbers that are similar to the way you plot a coordinate on a Cartesian plane. Our services are available to you 24x7. You can send us your assignment needs by uploading them or you can email us and ask, "write my essay on Complex numbers."

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Addition and subtraction of complex numbers

This is the most intuitive and easiest operation. Addition, as well as subtraction of real numbers, translates the left/right point on a real axis. Adding and subtracting imaginary numbers can translate the point up and down on an imaginary axis.

In arithmetic, it works like the same just like a combination of the like terms in Algebra. For instance, the difference between 3 + 2i and 1 – 4i  is the real difference. The imaginary difference is 2i – (-4i) = 2i + 4i = 6i.

This is just the same as plotting a point 3+2i and then translating it up 4 units and left by 1 unit. The resulting answer is 2+6i. These are explained in detail in our Complex Numbers assignment help and homework writing service.

The absolute value of the complex numbers

The absolute value of numbers is its distance from 0 on a number line. As complex numbers are imaginary numbers, you cannot plot them on a real number line. They may be measured from 0 from a complex number plane that includes the y-axis (for an imaginary number) and x-axis (for a real number).

Application of Complex Numbers in Engineering

Complex numbers have various applications in engineering that are discussed in our Complex Numbers research paper writing help as follows:

Control Theory: In control theory, the systems are changed from a time domain to a frequency domain through the Laplace platform. The zeros are poles of the system that are thereafter analyzed in a complicated plane. The Nyquist plot, Theroot locus, and Nichols plot techniques use the complex plane.

In a root locus methodology, it is crucial whether the zeros and poles are in the right or left half-planes. If the system comprises of poles, which are:

  • In the right half-plane then it shall be unstable
  • On an imaginary axis, shall have a marginal stability
  • All are in the left half-plane then it shall be stable.

Signal Analysis

Complex numbers are utilized in the signal analysis along with other fields. It is used conveniently for describing varying signals periodically. In real functions that represent real physical quantities, mostly in terms of cosines and sines, the complex numbers are real parts that are original quantities.

Improper Integrals

In applied fields, these numbers are used often for computing real-value improper signals through complicated-value functions. Many methods are there for this.

Residue Theorem

It is a complicated analysis of a tool for evaluating path integrals of functions over closed curves. They are used for calculating real integrals.

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