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Cell Replication is a process through which single-celled organisms develop into multicellular organisms. With replication, a body renews itself. Cell replication is a basic process that happens within a cell. Students pursuing Biology are often given assignments on cell replication. You can avail of customized Cell Replication assignment help from BookMyEssay. Our online academic tutors are always available to provide instant homework help online on cell replication.

What is Cell Replication?

Before a cell reproduces, it should replicate its DNA. A cellular cycle of a eukaryotic cell comprises four phases: G1, S, the G2, and M. Protein synthesis happens in G2 phase, followed by mitosis. Mitosis the shortest phase of a cell cycle but it is very important. During this period, cytoplasmic and nuclear division happens that is concluded with cytokinesis.

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When a cell does not divide actively, they are in a state of quiescence, called the GO phase. Cell Replication goes through multiple steps involving proteins known as RNA and replication enzymes, In eukaryotic cells, including plant and animal cells, cell replication happens during the S phase of the cell cycle. The process of Cell replication is important for cell growth, reproduction, and repair in organisms. BookMyEssay experts are committed to providing you with supreme quality assignment writing services on Cell replication that can help you secure good grades.

How is Cell Replicated?

Cell replication happens in three steps: the opening of the double helix and DNA strands separation, priming of a template strand, and assembling of a new DNA segment. At the time of separation, two strands of DNA double helix separate a particular location known as the origin.

Several proteins and enzymes work together to prime the duplicate strands. A special enzyme known as DNA polymerase finally organizes the new DNA strands. The three-stage processes are generally applicable to all cells, however, specific variations in a process may happen depending on the cell type and the organism. We at BookMyEssay will help to understand in detail all concepts related to this topic when you ask, "can you do my assignment for me on Cell Replication."

Why is Cell Replication Important?

Cell Replication is very important and its importance is discussed in our Cell Replication assignment help online. Reproduction of organism and cells are dependent on cell replication. The information that is stored in DNA is important for life. When a cell dies, a body should replace the cell. One possible way it can replace the cells is by copying the information contained in the cell. There is a complicated system of enzymes and proteins that separate the double helix of DNA to copy it.

When a single cell dies, mitosis replaces it. The daughter cells are identical to an original cell from where DNA was copied. It works properly with simple and single-cell organisms. The complex organisms use meiosis for producing gametes for sexual reproduction. Meiosis starts with cell replication.

Every gamete consists of half the DNA amount of a parent cell. When sperms fertilize eggs, new cells are formed containing complete DNA forms, called zygotes. With replication of the DNA, existing organisms will not be able to replace and reproduce themselves.

Life depends on the information that is stored on DNA. Without DNA replication, you cannot pass the information and life will not continue.

Purpose of Cell Replication

The basic purpose of cell replication is explained in help for assignment on Cell Replication. Cell division performs three functions that are the production of gametes, reproduction of unicellular organisms, and growth in eukaryotes

In meiosis, eukaryotes make sex cells with the chromosomes. The multicellular eukaryotic organism uses this process to repair and grow the tissues. Contrastingly, single-celled organisms reproduce through a process known as binary fission. In binary fission, an organism divides and creates its exact copy, known as a clone.

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