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C++ programming is a language like C. It is all-purpose object-oriented programming or OOP language. This language was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup and it is an extension of pre-processor or C language. This programming language has classes that are like a struct method. You can use -, *, +, and other operators for operating custom data types. C++ is a difficult language if you lack its basics. We at BookMyEssay, specialize in C++ Programming assignment help. We have been helping and hiding students with various topics.

What is C++ Programming?

C language was developed as an assembly language and it was a B language’s successor. C++ is C language’s preprocessor that was named as cfront. You can code C++ in an “object-oriented style” or “C style”. In some cases, you can code it either way and this is an instance of a hybrid language.

This programming is now considered an intermediate-level language. It encompasses low-level as well as high-level language features. Primarily, the language was known as “C language with classes” because it has the properties of C language along with an additional concept called “classes.” It was renamed in 1983 as C++. BookMyEssay knows how to help you achieve good grades after getting C++ programming case study help.


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Features of C++ Language

The key features are discussed in the C++ Programming assignment help in Australia as follows:

  • Object-oriented: It is an object-oriented programming language. The focus is on objects and manipulations of the “objects”. It offers information on how the manipulations are abstracted from the consumer of an object.
  • Speed: It is a well-known choice if latency is an important metric. The execution time and the compiler of C++ are faster compared to other programming languages.
  • Rich library support: With Standard Template Library C++, several functions are there that can help writing code quickly. Standard libraries are there for different containers including maps, sets, hash tables, etc.
  • Pointer support: It offers pointers that are used widely in programming and these are not available in various programming languages.
  • Compiled:C++ code should be compiled to a low-level language and thus executed dissimilar to interpreted programming languages wherein you do not need compilation.

It is an important programming language as all the systems/programs used in other codebase is written in C++, whether it is photo editing software, windows, your web browser, or your favorite game. It plays a vital role in all applications. We have experts for providing C++ Programming essay assignment help with high quality at low cost.

Applications of C++ Language

Some of its applications are discussed in our help for assignment on C++ Programming as follows:

Operating systems

Whether it is Mac OSX or Windows or Linux- are programmed in this language. C++/C is an integral part of the reputable operating systems that it is a rapid programming language and typed strongly that makes it a preferred choice for operating system operators.


The rendering engines of different web browsers are C++ programmed due to their speed. The engines need quicker execution so that users have to wait for content to arrive on screen. Due to this, the low-latency systems hire C++ as a programming language.


Several top-level libraries utilize C++ as a core programming language. Machine Learning libraries in the backend use C++ due to its speed. These libraries need high-performing calculation as they include multiplications of several matrices for training purposes of Machine Learning models. Due to this, C++ is important in libraries.

Banking applications

A commonly used banking system-Infosys Finacle utilizes it as a backend programming language. Banking applications on a daily basis process numerous transactions and they need low latency and high concurrency support. It is a preferred choice due to its multithreading support and speed.


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