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The movement of atoms and molecules in a gaseous or liquid state is random and larger particles disperse in a medium evenly. Diffusion occurs when the particles move from a higher concentration area to a lower concentration area. A Brownian movement is affected by factors such as small particle size, increased temperature, low viscosity, and increased particle number. If you want to have an in-depth understanding of Brownian motion you can avail Brownian Motion in Terms of Random Molecular Bombardment assignment help online from BookMyEssay.

What is the Brownian Motion?

Particles in liquids, as well as gases known as fluids collectively, move in a random manner. It is known as Brownian motion. It happens because the particles are bombarded by other moving particles in a fluid. Larger particles are moved by fast-moving and light molecules.

Robert Brown, a botanist observed this motion in 1827. As the movement of molecules and atoms in a gas or a liquid is random and with time larger particles disperse evenly in the medium. The movement of particles from a higher concentration region to a lower concentration region is an example of Brownian motion.

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The factors that impact the the movement of particles in a fluid impacts the Brownian motion too. For example, an enhanced number of particles, enhanced temperature, low viscosity, and all size of particle enhance the rate of motion. We have hired top-class experts who can help you to gain knowledge when you are searching solution for your query like "do my homework for me."

Brownian Motion Examples

Majority of Brownian motion examples are transport processes, which gets affected by huge currents. Some of the examples are highlighted in our online help with assignment on Brownian Motion in Terms of Random Molecular Bombardment as follows:

  • Dust motes movement in a room
  • Pollen grains movement on still water
  • Calcium diffusion in bones
  • Pollutants diffusion in the air
  • Electrical charge movements in semiconductors

Structure of Gases and Liquids

To understand the Brownian motion, it is important to know the structure of gases and liquids and how the movement of molecules in gases and liquids takes place. In gases, the molecules are apart as they are diluted. The molecules of gases move in a straight line until they hit some other molecule, it again moves in a different direction till it hits some another molecule.

Compared to gases, liquids are less dilute. Liquids have a higher concentration and do not occupy the complete container. The movement is like the gases molecules. Liquids move in straight lines until they collide with some other molecule. The liquid molecules are condensed and closed and they do not travel far before they change their direction and collide. BookMyEssay assist with our expert Brownian Motion in Terms of Random Molecular Bombardment homework help online, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Importance of Brownian Motion?

The Brownian Motion is very important due to the following reasons:

  • The Brownian motion that was observed under a microscope was proof that molecules and atoms existed
  • The kinetic theory of gases explains the temperature, pressure, and volume based on Brownian motion.
  • The mathematical Brownian motion has many real-world applications. Stock market fluctuations can be understood by this model.

The Brownian motion days about chaos and randomness. It is a simple model of randomness. It has much applications in the actual world because many things at a miniature level are generally random. Thus, studying Brownian motion is important to understand the real world.

Causes of Brownian Motion

The factors that cause Brownian Motion are included in Brownian Motion in Terms of Random Molecular Bombardment assignment paper help as follows:

  • Particle size: If the particle size is smaller, the motion is faster. The reason is mass and momentum transfer is inversely proportional.
  • Viscosity: It is the resistance a fluid encounter to flow. It is less for water and high for toothpaste. It is inversely proportional to Brownian motion’s speed.

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