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Bernoulli Distribution is a statistical technique named after Jacob Bernoulli, a Swiss Scientist. It is a probability distribution. There are two outcomes to a Bernoulli distribution: success and failure. It is used to determine the solutions where two terms are true or false, yes or no, success or failure. At BookMyEssay, we offer Bernoulli Distribution assignment help at reasonable prices. We have hired highly qualified statistical assignment providers to the students from all across the globe.

What is Bernoulli Distribution?

Bernoulli distribution is a probability distribution of random variable taking just two values, success and failure. This distribution describes events that have two outcomes that are ubiquitous.

The success probability is denoted by ‘p’ but the failure probability is ‘1-p’. If a random variable assumes 1 value for the success probability then failure probability is zero. This random variable is known as a Bernoulli random variable and the variable’s probability distribution is Bernoulli distribution.


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In the case of Bernoulli distribution, you conduct just a single experiment, unlike any other binomial distribution. We explain every topic properly and this will help you understand it accurately. We assist students with quality assignment writing solution for Bernoulli Distribution studying various courses at college and university levels.

What is a Bernoulli Trial?

Bernoulli trial is a simple experiment that you can perform in statistics and probability. In this experiment, you can have two possible results such as head and tail or yes and no. Some of the examples are discussed in the online help with assignment on Bernoulli Distribution as follows:

  • Rolling Dice, the probability of a rolling die that results in double six
  • Births, how many girls and how many boys are born every day
  • Coin tosses, it records the number of times a coin’s head is up and the number of times a coin’s tail is up

Bernoulli trials are phrased in success and failure. Here, success is a result that you wish to keep track of. In a rolling dice, a double six roll is your success and others are a failure. A vital aspect of a Bernoulli trial is that all actions should be independent. It means the probabilities shall remain the same in the trails and every event should be fully separate and they will not have to do anything with the earlier event.

Winning a lottery is an independent event. The odds to win on a lottery ticket are the same as winning on any other ticket. But, drawing lotto numbers is considered a dependent event. The numbers come out from balls so the chances of successive numbers getting picked depend on the number of balls left. If you are come "write my homework for me on Bernoulli distribution topics," we can provide you instant assistance.

Features of Bernoulli Distribution

Bernoulli distribution is a probability distribution consisting of Bernoulli trials. Every Bernoulli trial comprises of the following features that are highlighted in our Bernoulli Distribution coursework writing help.

  • There are two outcomes in a Bernoulli distribution, success or failure, o or 1
  • The probabilities do not get affected by the result of other trails. It means the trials are independent.
  • If the success probability is p and the failure probability is 1-p. It remains the same in every successive trial.
  • Several trials are performed in a single experiment and the trails are pre-determined.
  • It is used wherein a random variable has two outcomes.

Applications of Bernoulli Distribution

There are many real-life situations that involve noting whether a particular event happens or not. It is recorded either as success or failure. A Bernoulli distribution has application in this case. Some instances that explain these scenarios in the best possible manner include the probability to get a head with the flip of a single coin, the probability to get increment in a salary package, or the probability to have a boy child.

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