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Batteries are a common source of power from handheld devices to industrial applications. They are a combination of one or more than one electrochemical cells, which can convert chemical energy to electrical energy. Battery chargers put energy into rechargeable batteries or secondary cells by allowing electric current through them. If you are facing difficulty to understand the concept of batteries and their charging methods, you can easily avail online Battery Charging and Batteries assignment help from BookMyEssay.

What is Battery Charging and Batteries?

Batteries are devices that comprise of different voltaic cells. If you want to maintain batteries in good condition, it is important to charge them properly. Due to aging, every cell does not charge equally. Some batteries accept charge fast and others charge gradually. You can do battery equalization by marginally over-charging the batteries so that weaker cells get charged completely.

The two kinds of batteries include primary batteries and secondary batteries. Primary batteries are for single usage. After these batteries are used, you cannot recharge them because they cannot be reversed. Some disposable batteries include AA and AAA batteries that are used in TV remote and wall clocks.


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Secondary batteries are known as rechargeable batteries. They can be used as well as recharged at the same time. These batteries can be recharged through the electric current that reverses the chemical reactions happening during discharge. Rechargeable batteries are used in MP3 players and mobile phones. BookMyEssay has experienced academic tutors who can offer you a proper explanation of the topic and provide you with top-quality assignment content. Students can easily buy homework online help on Battery charging and batteries from us without any hassle.

Battery Charging Methods

The different battery charging methods are discussed in our quality assignment writing help for Battery Charging and Batteries as under:

  • Constant Voltage: Constant voltage charging is a DC power supply that comprises a step-down transformer. It is a simple design and found in car battery chargers. The cells for backup power and cars use a constant voltage charger.
  • Constant Current: Constant current chargers differ the voltage applied to a battery by maintaining a continuous flow of current. This design is used for nickel-metal hydride batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries.
  • Taper Current: It charges from an unregulated constant source of voltage. This current reduces when a cell voltage increases. There lies a serious chance of cell damage via overcharging. For avoiding it, charging rate, as well as duration, must be limited.
  • Pulsed Charge: Pulsed chargers provide charged current to batteries in pulses. You can control the charging rate precisely by differing the pulses’ width. This method may minimize unwanted chemical reactions including crystal growth, gas formation, and passivation.
  • Burp Charging: It is also known as Negative or Reflex Pulse charging that is used along with pulse charging. It is applicable for a short discharge pulse.
  • Iui Charging: It is charging profile developed recently for fast charging of batteries. It does not suit all batteries. Primarily, a battery is charged at a fixed rate until the times it reaches preset value.
  • Trickle Charge: Trickle charging compensates the self-discharge of batteries. The rate of charging varies as per the discharge frequency.

Common Kinds of Modern Batteries

Modern batteries use various chemicals for their reactions. Some of them are included in our Battery Charging and Batteries assignment help online.

  • Zinc-carbon battery: This battery is used commonly in AA, AAA, D, and C dry cell. The cathode is manganese dioxide and the anode is zinc and its electrolyte is zinc chloride or ammonium chloride.
  • Alkaline battery: It is used commonly in C, D, and AA dry batteries. Its cathode comprises manganese dioxide and its anode is a zinc powder.
  • Lithium-ion battery: Lithium is used in high-performing devices including digital cameras, cell phones, and electric cars. Various substances use lithium batteries.

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