If you are an expert in chemistry, you have got your hands full with career options. There are so many different fields to work on, it is as if the chemistry is an ocean of opportunities and all you got to do is grab hold of one of them and stick to it for the rest of your life. In fact, every year, BookMyEssay receives thousands of inquiries from the students in undergraduate and postgraduate levels for Chemistry assignment help in different streams of Chemistry.

Think and Select Rationally Before Going for a Degree

But, before you go on and get a degree, it is important to know some of the career options that are indeed fruitful in the field of chemistry:

  • Biotechnology – the study of genetic engineering along with cells and tissue culture technologies is what biotechnology is all about. It is also the application of various biological organisms and processes to know more about the improvement of organisms in pharmaceuticals and science of life.
  • Astrochemistry – the combination of chemistry and astronomy is what astrochemistry actually. Here the study is of the reactions of molecules present in the universe and also their interaction with radiation. Astrochemistry has gained huge popularity in the recent years.
  • Agrochemistry – as the name reads, agrochemistry is a combinational study of biochemistry and chemistry. Most chemistry assignment help deals with this subject because it is a hot topic for chemistry assignments. The entire processing of raw products into different foods and beverages and their environmental monitoring is what agrochemistry is all about.
  • Colloid science – this is a combination of various branches of physics and chemistry. It deals with heterogeneous systems and colloids and the main system involves mixing mechanical particles ranging from 1 to 1000 nm dispersed in the continuous
  • Biochemistry – many chemistry assignment writing help experts are highly experienced in biochemistry simply because of the huge demand for this subject. The study of different chemical processes that are ongoing in a living organism is known as biochemistry and it has become a massive career option for students who are interested in chemistry.
  • Atmospheric chemistry – it is much like astrochemistry, but with a difference. Here, the atmospheric science of Earth’s and different planet’s atmosphere is studied. It combines various things together such as meteorology, physics, environmental chemistry, geology and various other subjects, making it one of the most interesting career options for chemistry students.
  • Chemical information specialist – this is more of a management study where you will have to find, organize and disseminate information on various chemicals. You can be a part of market research firms, chemical companies or even management consulting firms.
  • Chemical engineering – this is another field that uses a combination of both physics and chemistry and life sciences. Career options in chemical engineering have increased to a great extent in the last decade. It uses principles of applied physics, applied mathematics, chemistry, and

There are many other career options open to students of chemistry, but the above ones are the most popular right now. If ever you come across any project or assignment regarding any one of the topics given above, you can get in touch with BookMyEssay. They are the most experienced when it comes to chemistry assignment writing help and have experts to write your assignment.

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