What is Business Law?

Business law is a subject dealing with the law issues which are often faced by business persons. Every business needs a person who can handle legal formalities which are required for starting, managing and closing a business. Similarly, it is also required when taking over a business, relocating old employees and hiring new employees. Students of business law are prepared for various types of business transactions, commercial activities, tax formalities, non-profit law etc. Business Law assignment writing help courses also emphasize on analytical skills and methodology.

What are the main Courses Available?

  • Foundational business courses: Most fundamental course in business law may be the “Business Associations”. This includes the basic business operations and functions. The other course may be “Federal Income Taxation”. This course offers basic taxation concepts both for business and personal tax planning.
  • Advanced Corporate Law courses: Those who are interested in corporate law can take the course in “Securities Regulation”. Other courses are “Mergers & Acquisitions” – dealing with the transaction in corporate law, “Antitrust Law” – deals with federal laws concerned with anti-competitive behavior.
  • Advanced Tax Law courses: These courses are as follows: “Taxation of Business Enterprises” – dealing with federal income taxation of all businesses, “International Taxation” – dealing with across the border business transactions, “Tax Clinic” – deals with clients involved in controversies of Internal Revenue Service. Other courses are the corporate taxation, partnership taxation, state and local taxation, and estate and gift taxation.
  • Advanced Commercial Law (and related) courses: These courses deal with uniform commercial law codes. These are “Commercial Law – Sales” dealing with sales contracts within Article 2, “Payment Systems” – dealing with negotiable instrument within article 5, “Secured Transactions” – dealing with security interests of property within article 9, “Bankruptcy” – dealing with debtors and discharge of debts, “Corporate Bankruptcy” – dealing with business reorganizations under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.
  • Business Law-related Litigation courses: These courses are offered in second term. These are “Deposition skills”, “Intensive Trial Advocacy”, “Accounting for Lawyers”, and “Intellectual Property Law Survey”.
  • Other Advanced Business courses: These are Banking Law and Financial Institutions, Law and the Entrepreneur, Not-for-profit organizations, Mutual Fund Regulation, Real Estate Transactions.
  • Related courses: The other related courses with Business Law are Advanced topics in Workplace Law, Commercial Real Estate Finance, Complex Civil Litigation, Employee Benefits Law, Employment Discrimination Law, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, International and Comparative Labor Law, Labor and Employment Law.

Business Law Assignments Help-at Reasonable Cost

Business law refers to all the legal procedures which occur in every type of business. Professionals having knowledge about the business law can handle legal issues in any business. Students of business law need to handle business law assignments for completion of their course. This business law homework sometimes includes case studies related to the legal issues of business. These assignments should be professionally written and should be according to the guidelines given by the concerned institute. Most of the students of business law do not take the risk and go for professional assignment writing help from leading online websites like BookMyEssay. We are a leading online business law assignment essay writing help from Australia. It has to its name thousands of assignments written for students across the world. We have an experienced team of expert writers who provide world-class business law assignments at very reasonable rates.

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