25 December, a day when everyone indulged in a festive mood, a day which is widely celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, and a day when you can’t resist yourself from enjoying. True, Right? At that time when everyone is celebrating this festival, why students must work so hard for their assignment? BookMyEssay eases the problem of world-wide students by providing them assignment writing help service in Australia at pocket-friendly costs.

The Mystery Behind 25th December

No one knows when the Jesus Christ was born. So why we Celebrate 25 December as Christmas day? Let us clear your mystery. Christians had many arguments over this date as to when should this festival to be celebrated. But it is said that the date of birth of Jesus probably didn’t fall in the year 1 but somewhere before that, between 2 BC and 7 BC. “The first date recorded for Christmas is 25th December in 336 by a Roman Emperor, named Constantine. And after few years, Pope Julius declared the birth of Jesus Christ on this same auspicious date”.

One more story is famous for this date of birth. An old Christian tradition stated that there was a lady named, Mary. It had been told to her that she would have a special child, Jesus on March 25. After the exact 9 Months of 25th March, she delivered a child on 25th December. Hence this day is considered an important one. Christians also believed that on March 25th, the world was started, and on that Jesus Christ had died, when he was an adult. So, they believed Jesus was born again on the same day of the year when he died. Hire Homework writing assistance service for more information regarding this mystery.

Christians mostly believe that Jesus is the light of the whole world. Hence, they thought that this is the right time to celebrate Jesus Birth. They also took some of the customs and traditions from winter solstice and gave them Christmas meaning such as Mistletoe, Holly and yes Christmas Carols! Winter Solstice refers to the day when there is the shortest time between the sunset and sunrise. It happens on two dates, that is 21st or 22nd December. For Pagans, this meant that the winter is now over, and spring season has just arrived. They celebrated these festivals to worship the sun for winning brightness over the darkness of winter nights.

In some northern parts of Europe, and in Scandinavia, this Winter Solstice is called Yule. Whereas in Europe in the mid-winter festival, they call it as Koleda.

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