The science education is the medium to address global requirements, thus, at the present time, it is important to expand this subject develop better understanding of this. It has not become more important find out issues that are related to expansion of science and look for solutions promote science education at the grass root levels. This thinking has broadened the viewpoints of many professionals as well as the policy makers in expanding and investing, finance and time in science teaching and education in numbers of countries. Therefore, in the present time education of this subject begins at primary levels

But, there are many factors present that greatly influence the acquisition of this subject in students of secondary education. And it is important for people associated with the field to know about these factors in detail and on work on it.

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Important Factors in Science Education

According a search there are more two or three factors present that influence the learning of science subject in students, these factors are family structure, size of family, learner socioeconomic foundation, TV watching hours of learner, domestic working hours and etc., on science performance

Many other studies have been done to gauge the science accomplishment and achievement of students at different stages of school grades. On their study, the researchers found that the students of 4-5th grade performed well enough in science, but there was the contradictory results in performance of students studying science subject in grade 3 & 5.

In many countries analyzing the way science education could be better distributed in the secondary schools is a problem and this issue has caught restricted reactions. This is the reason that this issue is understudy in many countries. The Educators, specialists and mentors have been fascinated by investigating variables and they are helping them successfully impart the quality education and knowledge into learners learning this subject.

Many studies that been done so far have highlighted that education of parent and their socioeconomic status. It has a positive relation to the understudy’s academic accomplishment.

The research has covered many other factors that influence science subject learning.

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