The market never stays constant for a long time. It always fluctuates with the demand, supply and the trends. The only things that remain constant in the market are the need for the marketing research. The market research help organization to identify the upcoming opportunity regarding their products and services, in short, they use the data generated from the marketing assignment writing to support the business decision. Students who are pursuing a master degree in business studies know about the importance of the market research and may be assigned with the marketing research and get the best tips on research paper writing.

You will be amazed after knowing that the market research budget is the first thing an organization cut out from the profit as it is a high time investment. Still, there many start-up business owners who have learned that market research doesn’t have to be expensive all the time. If you follow the right process then you can complete in less budget.

Here are the 5-steps Marketing Process is Given Below

 Step 1: Start to define the problem or the opportunity

The first step in market research is to define the problem or opportunity. It is very important for your business to define the objective of your purpose. In order to perform a research, you have to understand what you are trying to learn from the market. Determine the problem for which you have conduct the research, what information/data you require to efficiently solve that problem. This will help your business to stop the problem from going further.

Develop a set of question that can allow you to define the opportunity you are looking for. Most of the time these question moves around the targeted market.

Step 2: Develop the research plan

Once you have determined the problem, the next step is to design and develop a research plan. In this second phase, you have to determine what type of technique you are going to use to conduct the research. It could be overwhelming to choose from the following techniques

  • Interview clients
  • Conduct survey
  • Website testing

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Step 3: Collect problem relating data and information

In the marketing research, the data or information you collected will be either quantitative or qualitative. You will always gather the mix data as different people in the market has a different perception. While collecting the data make sure it is related to your problem. Try to ask both open and closed-end questions to gather the valid or unbiased data/information.

Step 4: Explain the Data and reporting finding

After gathering all the data you need, go for the fun part which is analysing the data. You have to analyse all data to determine what it means and trends that can be distinguished from the data. If you find any information that is not relevant to your research then it may be irrelevant.  Do not make any exception in advance as sometimes the result doesn’t match the expectation.

Step 5: Take action to solve the problem

This is the final phase of market research. In this phase, you need to use the research results you have gathered and write in your research paper. When done successfully the market research will be proved useful in solving the problem.

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