Although the Chemistry Assignments seem to be easy, however, it is quite difficult to write an assignment following all the guidelines. The Chemistry assignments sometimes could be very boring and detailed.  Sometimes, students tend to lose their interest and focus on the subject matter thus making it all the more difficult for writing the assignments.  As a result, the half-done assignments are often rejected by the examiners as they are not satisfied with the solution.  This leads to poor marks and grades and poor remarks. You can get Chemistry assignment writing help from different writing platforms the services of which are available online. These writing firms have experienced and knowledgeable writers who can help solve the assignments conveniently. One of the popular writing firms is BookMyEssay that hires experienced writers.

Chemistry-A Subject

Chemistry is a vast subject as all the branches of Chemistry has several sub-branches. The students can get assignments from any of the branches and sub-branches. The professors often give questions which come combined from more than one branch and thus the student’s level of knowledge is assessed.

There are various branches of Chemistry as under:

  • Inorganic Chemistry– Deals with different types of inorganic compounds
  • Organic Chemistry– Deals with preparation, structure, applications of organic compounds
  • Analytical Chemistry– deals with quantitative and qualitative analysis of chemical compounds
  • Physical Chemistry– It talks about the chemical structure’s effect on the physical properties of a substance.

Characteristics Of Chemistry As A Subject

There are certain properties in each element. A new matter is produced whenever a chemical reaction happens between two elements. This new matter is known as a compound.  Very systematically, the reaction between any two elements takes place. The students of Chemistry are aware of the natural rule of the reactions and also, they must be aware of how do these reactions take place. Different chemical theories and the process of their formations are taught to the students. They should understand the atomic structures of compounds and elements and the molecular properties. They should also have a clear idea about positive and negative ions, Boyle’s law and Charles’s Law and Mendeleev’s table. In Organic Chemistry, Chemical structure and bonds are also very important. Some classes are dedicated only to Organic Chemistry in their entire course of Chemistry. At higher levels of courses, the topics look tougher. Some important topics are as under:

  • Law of Mass Action
  • Le Chatelier’s Principle
  • Law of Chemical Equilibrium
  • Limitations of equation of Chemical Equilibrium
  • Types of Equilibrium Constants
  • Rate of Chemical Reaction
  • Understanding Concept of Chemical Equilibrium
  • Electrometric Effect
  • Hyperconjugation
  • Types of Chemical Bonds
  • Finding the Velocity Of a Gas
  • Kinetic Gas Equation
  • Kinetic Theory of Gases

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