Essential Steps for Referencing in Oxford Style

  Assignment Help  8th Sep 2022

Oxford style is a way of referencing sources used in a text by incorporating footnotes into the text. Once you get used to using this reference style, you'll be able to easily use it in your papers. Below are the 12 steps for referencing in Oxford Referencing style.

  • Insert footnotes. Click the "Insert" tab in your word processor and then choose "Footer". Microsoft Word and Google Docs both have this feature. BookMyEssay helps me to do my assignment. Your quotes will appear as follows:

Magazine or printed article with an author: 1 T. Rock. These smell delicious. Cookery diary, vol. 40, no. 6, 2005: pp. 272-273.

Book with one author: 2 T. Rock. Cooking is Fun, New York: Great Books Press, 2008, p. 22

Book Without Authors: 2 They Keep Cooking, New York: Great Books Press, 2008, pp. 46-47.

  • Paste the numbers in superscript on this page. The size of your footer depends on the number of sources you have cited on a given page.BookMyEssay can do my assignment for me for scoring top grades. Put a space after the exponent.
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  • Start with the author's first and last name. In the footnotes, the name of the author is indicated first, not the surname. For example, your voice should be M. Twain.

    If there is no author name, start the element with the title, starting with the first word that is not an article, which does not mean "A", "An" or "The".
  • Enter the title of the work. An article or chapter title is listed first without italics. You then enter the title of the journal or book in italics. If there is only one book title, include only the book title in italics.

    For example, the title of the article is in bold: 1 T. Rock. It smells good. Journal of Cooking, Volume 40, no. 6, 2005, p. 272-273.
  • Include the volume and issue number if you have one. If you're using a magazine article, tell the reader which article they should refer to when looking for your source material. Put it directly after the article name, separated by commas.
  • Use the place of publication and publisher if it is a book. Look for the publisher on the cover of the book. Indicate the city of the company, then the name of the company. If multiple cities are listed, select the one closest to your city.
  • Enter the year. For a journal or article, add the year after the volume and issue number. When citing a book, list the year after the publisher.
  • End with the page number. If there is a page number to quote, put it last. Write page by page and pp. for multiple pages.
  • Create a separate page at the end of your document. Your referral page contains all your assets on one page. You can copy and paste the entries from your footnotes, but please note that you will need to correct the author names, which are otherwise indicated.
  • List all your references in alphabetical order by last name. As you list the sources in the order you cite them in the article text, they will be listed alphabetically in your reference list. Please include the author's surname first for each entry. Otherwise, your entries will look exactly the same as the footnotes.
  • Sort plays by the same author by date. If you're using two T. Rock tracks released in 2005 and 2006, you'll list them in that order, regardless of the track names.

Specify page ranges for articles and chapters. On the reference page, specify precise page ranges for your citations. If you're citing an entire book, you don't need to specify a page range. If you are using a section of a work, such as a magazine article or a book chapter, you must specify that exact page range in the reference page element.

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