Strategic Human Resource Management is comprised of strategies and objectives of an organization. It is a method in which HR practices are concerned to achieve the targeted goal to improve business performance in the market. Strategic HR(Human Resource) management focuses on different activities to boost business such as hiring new employees, training new techniques and rewarding employees for their work. It is an operational method of management used for business growth.

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Important Techniques of Strategic Human Resource Management

Identification of Different Sources– The internal and external environment factors plays an important role in an organization. The internal components include the swot (Strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats) analysis, industrial relations and different adaptive methods in business and the external components are the legal, political, social and economic impact on the occupation. The HR department focuses on competitor’s strategies, mission, strengths, and weaknesses to improve organization growth. Analyzing both external and internal environment can allow HR to coordinate staff effectively as per the organization objectives to achieve its target.

Company Objectives: HR must focus on organization short term and long term goals. By focusing on short term goals and achieving its target can help an organization to attain its long term goals as well. Segmentation of tasks can allow employees to focus on certain work at one time instead of compiling the whole task. Division of yearly target in quarterly and half-yearly can improve work performance of employees in achieving the goal.

HRM Strategies: To implement different strategies HR must focus on employee’s capabilities by providing training of certain sets of skills to boost their performance, avail them with learning opportunities, employing new candidates with required skills and many more. To keep them motivated these programs to improve employee’s skills to deliver work reports on time.

Scheduling: The management of the employee’s sick leave and holiday schedule should be concerned. The secondary plan must be ready in case of the absence of any employees. To manage all these audit reports must be collaborated with IT department for the better work performance of organizations. HR can also schedule his/her work daily and make objectives for the team on a daily and weekly basis.

Monitoring and Evaluating the Process: To implement different strategies to achieve the target and to monitor them skillfully can improve the productivity rate of the organization. The review process of the whole can help to determine the improvement areas. The modification of the old method or implementing the new can be considered by Strategic HR to meet the company’s’ objectives.

Strategic human resource management is important for the organization in achieving long term goals. It is an advanced method used to gain competitive advantage. This effective strategic management can ensure the organization concern to achieve its goal. Students, who face difficulty in their business subject, can take help from our assignment help desk.

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