Chemistry has basically three branches- organic, inorganic, and biochemistry. All these three categories of chemistry are useful to a Marine Biologist. Organic chemistry is the study of compounds which occur in the plants and animals naturally. It is also defined as a chemistry of compounds that contain the two elements, hydrogen and carbon found in all the living beings. Inorganic chemistry is the study of compounds which do not contain carbon. The major portion of the marine science linked to chemistry comes under organic chemistry. BookMyEssay provides state-of-the-art international standard Chemistry assignment help to assist the students in understanding the related lessons well and writing assignments efficiently.

Biochemistry applies to organic chemistry for the study of living things. Cellular and molecular biology comes under the biochemistry category. The biochemistry is useful to the marine biologists. A marine biochemist may study the active compounds biologically that are found in oceans and which may be useful in the medicines. Biochemistry has wide application in marine science. Assignments on marine biochemistry are not easy. A professional help from the Chemistry assignment help may be needed to work on these assignments accurately. The writers associated with this service are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the respective field.

Importance of Chemistry to Marine Biology

It is important to understand the ocean’s chemical properties because the marine environment provides support to the greatest quantity of life on earth. This marine life is largely composed of the same the below-mentioned ingredients:


A water molecule has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. In the marine environment, water is present in the solid, liquid, and gaseous states. Heat results in the movement of water molecules. If the heat is more, their movement is faster until the time the hydrogen bonds break and convert the liquid to gas. The movement of water molecules slows down in cold. As water becomes more cold hydrogen atoms crystallize and forms into a solid state. Water can dissolve the other substances like the salts and the minerals.


Salts are the common chemicals that are dissolved by the ocean water. Salts consist of the electrically charged particles called the ions. The lions are either positive or negative charged and most of the salts are made up of ions with the opposite charge. In the case of water, the oxygen and hydrogen atoms are weakly charged. The salt ions are oppositely charged and they form strong bonds. When water is given, the slight hydrogen and oxygen atom charges get attracted towards strong charges of salt ions and water surrounds the crystals till the bonds become weak and the crystals get dissolved.


Gases get dissolved in seawater. Carbon dioxide gets dissolved in ocean water. Oxygen and nitrogen get dissolved at the atmosphere surface are present in the seawater too. The ocean also releases the gases into the atmosphere. Just like the solids, temperature regulates dissolution of gases but the dissolution rate is reversed in the case of gases.

So, understanding marine biology or marine life without understanding chemistry is not possible. That is why a student of marine biology needs to study lots of chemistry and work on the related assignments. Understanding this relationship between these two subjects become more fruitful when the students take help of BookMyEssay’s Chemistry assignment and essay writing help. It is affordable and high-quality assignment help service immensely popular among the international students.

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