In 2018, the JavaScript developer community has received sky touching popularity and the frameworks are not going to lose their popularity in 2019 as well. The reason behind this utmost popularity of the JavaScript is its ability to allow developers to add functions and features in the real-time web applications. The JavaScript has won hearts not only because of its simplicity and easy to use but also what it has to offer to the world. The framework has put on the new definition of security, efficiency and effective results. Students who have previously hired Java assignment help from BookMyEssay may have heard about the JavaScript frameworks.

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JavaScript: the Future of the Framework

The features and functions of JavaScript will not stay limited especially when emerging technologies are just adding more in the framework. There is no doubt that the market has filled with numerous frameworks and installations. There are lots of options which often make developers to test them before settling down for finest one. According to the survey conducted in 2018, we have prepared the list of top JavaScript frameworks developers can further use in 2019. We will also explain the pros of using these frameworks.

Best JavaScript Framework for Professional Developers

It was a difficult journey for JavaScript to rise and stay as one of the best frameworks in 2018 especially companies like Google is there to give you tough competition with the free angular framework. Undoubtedly, JavaScript is an ideal framework for building client-side apps, mobile and desktop apps. It used by worldwide developers to build feature filled websites and applications. However, it could be challenging to choose the best framework from the available options. To make this easier we have already compiled the most powerful JavaScript frameworks.


Vue turned out to be one of the most popular front-end frameworks of 2018 with around 117k stars and more than 29k forks. The framework was created by the Evan who is known for his numerous angular creations in the Google. Vue has become the lighter version of angular and an attractive alternative. But what actually attracts developers toward this framework is its progressiveness. This means the framework can actually adapt the needs of the developers starting from managing the view. Apart from this, Vue can be integrated with an app via its script tag, interesting, right?


This is another JavaScript library which has gained the attention of the professional developers. Do you know that React.JS powers Facebook?  Open sourced and developed by the Facebook, this library immediately rose to prominence for developers who were looking for an ideal solution for dynamic web applications. One of the main cases where react. js comes handy is when developers are required to break down complex codes and reuse them in an environment which has the capability to handle the heavy real-time data. Apart from this react.JS also adopts JSX structure and help to develop SEO-friendly web applications. Hire Programming assignment help to learn more about the react. JS

Angular. JS

The third and the last JavaScript framework on the list is angular.JS. The angular.Js is one of the most powerful frameworks. Professional developers often call it “all-in-one” solution that aims to provide out of the box services. The latest version of angular.JS is 5 and 6. The framework comes with detailed documentation which makes it easier for the developers to understand the codes.

No matter what framework you choose BookMyEssay is always here with assignment on programming subject to guide you through it.

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