What is Operation Management?

Operation Management includes all those processes which are required to control and manage business operations. The most important topics of operation management which are frequently included in operation management assignments are inventory management, distribution strategy, inventory control, JIT production and purchase, agile manufacturing, logistics planning, returns management, total quality management etc. Help in operation management assignment writing is not a daunting task these days, for this you can connect to BookMyEssay.

What are the basic features of Operation Management?

The major features on which is based are discussed below:

  • It deals with technical and non-technical functions of any type of business. Every business has its own functioning. As an operation management student, you should be aware of all the operations prevalent in the business.
  • Every type of development, production, and manufacturing of products depends upon the operation management of the concerned organization.
  • Various managements like human resource management, production management, equipment management, general management are better understood by students pursuing a course in operation management.
  • The concept of scientific selection of the workforce also depends upon operation management.

What are the basic principles of Operation management?

There are ten basic principles of operation management:

  • Principle of Reality: It states that in reality no process or operation can be 100% perfect.
  • Principle of Organization: It states that all processes and operations should be organized into a whole unit.
  • Principles of Fundamentals: It states that you should stick to fundamental processes like inventory, BOM, general system disciplines etc.
  • Principle of Accountability: It states that people do not work if they are accountable for that. Rewards and appreciations can boost performance.
  • Principle of Variance: It states that variance should be controlled when reducing costs and encouraged when increasing options.
  • Principle of Causality: It states that causes of problems should be solved immediately.
  • Principle of Humility: It states that good managers admit their limitations and try to improve them as soon as possible.
  • Principle of Success: It states that market determines the definition of success. It changes with a change in the market.
  • Principle of Managed Passion: It states that any successful company depends upon the passion of its employees to work.
  • Principle of Change: It states that change in processes should be done on a regular basis as there is chance of improvement in every process.

What are the skills Required by an Operation Manager?

An efficient operation manager should have efficient skills in supply chain management and logistics. These two are the main principles of operation management. Strong organizational ability is also a major requirement in an operation manager. Organization of production functions and controlling them is major job profile of an operation manager. He should be aware of even the minutest details of the business functions going on in the concerned business. Every detail of the production process and supply chain factors should be taken with great care and concern so as to ensure seamless and flawless working of the manufacturing unit.

How to get Operation Management Assignment Help from Professionals?

Operation management is a multidisciplinary subject. It involves planning, organizing and supervising of operations in a business concern. It takes into account production processes, manufacturing and provision of various types of services. It mainly focuses on delivery, ensuring successful conversion of inputs into outputs by a company. Operation management assignments are based on above-mentioned aspects. As these assignments should have a professional touch for getting higher grades in your course, getting professional assignment writing help is not bad. Professionals like BME has helped thousands of students across the globe in operation management assignment help. They do not compromise on the quality of the assignment. At BookMyEssay, the assignments are available at very reasonable prices.

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