Supermarket shelves are bulking up with various sweets and chocolate and Google searches have been filled with the dress inspirations. This could indicate only one thing the Halloween is here. This spooky festival is celebrated in most of the countries on 31 October. Students find it the best time of the year as on this day they can dress up as their favourite character and go for trick or treat. For college Halloween the best time to wander around the city partying hard with their friends and family members. To reduce the burden from student’s shoulder BookMyEssay has offered a wide range of writing help services on a discount price. The offer is applicable to the assignment writing help, thesis writing help, essay writing help and dissertation writing help services

The History of Halloween

Although, there are thousands of people who celebrate this festival despite the number only a few of them actually know the history behind the Halloween or how Celtic trick or trick has become Americanised.

The Halloween is known as the Celt festival dated back in the ancient time. The Celts were the people who lived 2000 years back in the areas of Ireland. They used to celebrate New Year on the 1st November. The date was marked as an end of the summer and harvesting and the beginning of cold winter which is often associated with human death. Celts used to believe that on the eve on New Year the boundary between earth and spirit world get blurred and they return on the earth. Apart from damaging crops and claiming lives, Celts used to believe that spirits from another world make it easier for priests to make predictions. It was an important source of information and direction during the lost time.

To celebrate this day they used to build huge sacred bonfire where people would burn crops and animals as a sacrifice to spirits. They used to dress up using animal bones and skin and attempted to tell each other’s future. When the celebration was over Celts used to go back to their house and re-lit the fire they have extinguished due to the bonfire to protect them from the dark winter. In short, the Halloween symbolises the end of summer and the beginning of the winter. Although this day has also the superstitious meaning in the end, it is about the beginning of the new season and the New Year.

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