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Nursing assignments have always been associated with multiple difficulties. More often than not, the students are asked to write case studies on a particular situation or a medical condition. Sometimes, it is a lack of writing skills that makes the assignment part difficult. We, at BookMyEssay, offer nursing assignment help for all types of case studies from different nursing specialties and degree courses.

Nursing Models and Theories

Apart from concepts and topics from the medical field, nursing students often come across some nursing theories and models. These models and theories are related to the philosophical concepts of nursing. They also include some meta-paradigmatic concepts from this field. The aim is to help nursing students understand each model as per the basic assumptions. The nurses are also expected to apply these theories to nursing practice. The popular theories include:

  • Self-care Theory by Dorothea E. Orem
  • Unitary Human Beings by Martha Rogers
  • Need Theory by Virginia Henderson
  • The System Model by Betty Neuman
  • Interpersonal Theory by Hildegard Peplau
  • Transcultural Nursing by Madeleine Leininger

In case you receive an assignment from these or other popular theories, you can get Nursing Online Australia for the same.

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Nursing Specialties

The popular specializations related to nursing include:

Orthopedic nurse: This type of nurse offers care to patients suffering from ailments like joint replacement issues, arthritis, diabetes, or other musculoskeletal issues. The nurses need skills like continuous passive motion therapy and traction for this form of specialization.

Nurse Practitioners (NPS): The NPS is qualified to offer preventive health services and basic care to patients. In some states, NPs are also allowed to prescribe medications to patients. They are responsible for providing immunizations, management of issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and several other chronic issues.

Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS): The CNS holds a doctoral or master's degree related to a specialized area of nursing. This specialized area can be a disease, a particular type of care, population (such as children, aged individuals, or women), or a type of health issue.

Certified Nurse Midwife: This specialist is responsible for offering primary care to expectant women that are able to deliver a child without any high risk or complications. These expectant women receive emotional and physical from the nurse.

Psychiatric nurse: As the name suggests, these nurses offer psychiatric support to the patients. They offer care to patients with medical conditions like depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. These are some of the highest-paying specialties. These nurses often work with occupational therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers.

Nurse Researcher: The nurse researchers study different aspects of illness, health, and healthcare. The aim is to make healthcare services and healthcare outcomes better. In the beginning, the nurse researchers work as the research assistant, clinical research monitor, and clinical data coordinator. Contact BookMyEssay to know about the Best Nursing University in Australia. 

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA): These advanced practice nurses are responsible for administering an anesthetic to the patients. A CRNA is capable of administering anesthetic for every type of procedure and operation. Not only these nurses receive attractive annual salaries but also get professional respect and a high degree of autonomy.

Ambulatory care Nurse: These nurses are responsible for offering care to patients outside of hospitals. The focus is mainly on general health education and pain management. They offer triage, medical screenings, and case management to the patients.

Emergency nurse: The patients receive treatment in emergency situations from an emergency nurse. The nurses recognize the problem during life-threatening situations and offer a solution instantly. The work environment includes ambulances, helicopters, sports arenas, and hospital emergency rooms.

Forensic Nurse: These nurses aid in investigating crimes related to physical assault or accidental death. The job responsibility might also include testifying in court for a particular case.

These are just some popular specialties from the field of nursing. In reality, there are around 300 specialties. Other popular specialties include HIV/AIDS care nurse, holistic nurse, genetics nurse, infection control nurse, lactation consultant, and neuroscience nurse. You can choose the specialty by the salary and your interest. Whatever specialty you have chosen, you can get Nursing Online Australia from BookMyEssay to help you get good grades.

Difficulties in Nursing Assignment Help 

The assignments are difficult for those who are new to this course. Even the students who have already passed their one or two semesters find the assignment topics intimidating. A common issue is the lack of time to write the Nursing Assignment Help. The subjects are usually tough and they find it difficult to complete their assignment on time. Some nursing individuals work part-time, which makes it more difficult to take out the time for assignment writing.

For most of the students, it is the lack of resources and research materials that make the process difficult. As the information present on the internet is not sufficient, the students fail to deliver assignments as per the quality asked by their respective college/university.

The educational institutions expect nursing students to deliver papers with good writing skills. Due to the lack of skills, the assignment is of sub-standard quality.

For all these issues, BookMyEssay's nursing assignment help appears as a solution.

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